Monday, June 05, 2006

Shop, then shop some more.

Have I mentioned how I've been having crummy luck in the thrift stores lately? I just have to admit that it will never be the same as it was back in the hey day.

Any way, I like to think up projects with items that I can still find for a steal while thrifting (for that treasure) and that's why I bought the shells and cigar box. It's to make these!

I've been on a little collecting kick for these shell boxes lately and I have three of them now. It's probably because I have fond memories of looking at my mothers shell box when I was very young. It was a beautiful one and made with care and I thought of it as a treasure box because it contained old, mysterious sewing paraphernalia. Anyway, I like my corny box with its corny Acapulco postcard glued onto the inside lid.

Over the weekend I was able to find some fabric that got me excited. Some of it from an expensive quilting shop and some from a great discount store. It's all washed and ironed, and ready to use. Does the thought of cutting into fabric pain anyone else?

OK, one last shot. I found this little pillow today. (so I lied about not finding anything good any more) Since it's tiny, I'm going to add some sort of trim, turquoise and red? and give it some proper stuffing. I love when my daughter likes something that I get a kick out of, so, this one's for her.


capello said...

I ordered the same Denyse Schmit from Cia's (turquoise with red and orange flowers). Love that fabric.

And yes, I just want to stare at it and not touch it because it's so purty.

AnnieElf said...

These little shell boxes are just the best. I have lots of shells around and hope to do something with them with all the time off I have this summer. Acapulo postcards? Cheesy? Show. Show. Love funky postcards.

Jo said...

I am jealous of your fabric finds. You have great taste! And yes, I have a fear of cutting into fabric. There should be a support group.

Monica said...

I'm always scared of cutting fabric too. What if I then think of something better to do with it and it's too late?

Can't go through life like that though.

--erica said...

I am in LOVE with your fabric!!!!!!!! the retro and the polka dots..sigh..