Thursday, January 19, 2006

Downsizing The Magazines

I've made it a habit to go through my old magazines and tear out pages that have something I like, to save on space. Since I'm moving into a smaller apartment in about a month this especially makes sense. Anyway, when I saw how great the Inspiration Collages that Cassi did over at belladia, she inspired me to dig into my stash. I will definitely do more of these . . . .

Thanks Cassi

Little Quilt

I pieced most of this little quilt, a long time ago, when my daughter was small. It may have been intended for her. The fabric was scrounged here and there, mostly from clothing. I was finally encouraged to finish this quilt because of my new found blogging hobby, so a big thank you goes out to all of you knitty, crafty bloggers.

The border fabric was purchased recently ( for apron fabric stash enhancement) and made it into the finished piece, and looks at home, I think. I really like this simple pattern, and I think I'll do a full sized version, in different colours, for my self. Despite it's obvious flaws, I'm happy with it, and it has taught me to be more patient when cutting and piecing.

Monday, January 16, 2006


We've had 27 consecutive days of rain, and guess what? We missed breaking the record by one measly day, and to top it off, we're back to a rainy forecast!

Well, to cheer me on, and any one else in the Pacific North West, here is a little ray of pink happiness. This is the third pair of socks I've knit. My second pair are in their new home, with out having been photographed first. These were also done for a very good friend of mine. They're Fleece Artist, and as you can see, I use four needles. I'm perfectly content (for now) with this method, in fact, I love it.

Since this is a pink post, I thought I would add a picture of this house that I stumbled upon the other day. (our one and only sunny day) Someone's not afraid of colour!

Friday, January 13, 2006

Pie and more pie

This blog is really about documenting things I make. Down the road I won't convince my self all I've done with my spare time was watch TV. Things I've made are going to include food, probably pretty food. I don't think I'll be showing you any stew. I missed taking pictures of my Christmas cookies so I think that gives me an excuse to make something fancy for Valentines. Anyway, one thing I like to make is pie. So . . . . ta-da, here's the pie!

And more pie . . . . mmmm.

Rain, rain go away!

I have several new projects that I want to post, but because of the dark, dreary rain and not wanting to resort to a flash, I'll postpone the pictures. I'm going to get to know my camera a little better and see what I can come up with. Until then, I'm going to leave you with some scenic shots.

Once in a while we take a day trip to Steveston, a historic little fishing village, about 30 minutes from Vancouver. There is a wonderful park at the seaside, were we fly our kites (more about that later) and if we want to indulge ourselves and have prawns for dinner, we can get them from the fishers at the pier.

Oh yes, another reason I like this little trip? Of course, you've guessed there's a yarn store here! Wool and Wicker is a tiny shop, chock full of goodness.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


I thought I would introduce you to my other cat, Norman. He felts easily.

Birthday Present

Yes, this (the yarn) was a birthday present, from last February! (Thank you, Marcia) I started and finished my very first sweater right away. The yarn is Fleece Artist, two strands called kiss curls and baby kid. It was an excellent choice for a novice knitter, all garter stitches and no complicated bits. The finished sweater is light, spongy, very soft, and warms you up instantly. I was never completely pleased with these photos, and that's why I didn't post, eh hmm, last March. Well, I've decided to catch up now and use them anyway because God knows when there will ever be enough light to take a better picture. It's been raining, here in Vancouver BC for. . . . a long time. If it rains for a few more days we will break a record. I'm trying not to grumble about it, after all it is supposed to be a rainforest!

This is what it looked like when I went for coffee the other morning. Yes, I said morning!

I'm not guilty!

I havn't blogged for months now and I feel somewhat guilty. I'm like this in other areas of my life too. I get very excited with something, dive right in and then tend not to be steady with it. So, I'm not to going to make a resolution but I will make an attempt to blog at least once a month, minimum. I've noticed the question, "why do you blog?" floating around. I do it because it's a challange for me to get to know the computer a little better, but most importantly, I want to feel connected to other crafters/artists. Sure, I get that in my life as well, but I'm constantly impressed with the wealth of creativity, the sharing and encouragement of all the crafty bloggers out there. It is crucial to our health to feel connected, and this is another venue to create that. It's exciting too. I'm a writer! I'm publishing! I'ts fun and it's my own.

So, no more regrets about not posting, and on with the new. This is my version of the Noro (Kureyon) scarf and I'm very happy with it and apparently so is my daughter. When she wears something I've made I take it as a great compliment. ( just not the part were she leaves it at someone elses house for a week) It was very fun to knit, seeing the differant colour combinations appear. I had to break off the yarn a few times to keep contrast in the pattern. I would like to find other yarn that has similar colour changes, to do more projects like this.