Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I'm not guilty!

I havn't blogged for months now and I feel somewhat guilty. I'm like this in other areas of my life too. I get very excited with something, dive right in and then tend not to be steady with it. So, I'm not to going to make a resolution but I will make an attempt to blog at least once a month, minimum. I've noticed the question, "why do you blog?" floating around. I do it because it's a challange for me to get to know the computer a little better, but most importantly, I want to feel connected to other crafters/artists. Sure, I get that in my life as well, but I'm constantly impressed with the wealth of creativity, the sharing and encouragement of all the crafty bloggers out there. It is crucial to our health to feel connected, and this is another venue to create that. It's exciting too. I'm a writer! I'm publishing! I'ts fun and it's my own.

So, no more regrets about not posting, and on with the new. This is my version of the Noro (Kureyon) scarf and I'm very happy with it and apparently so is my daughter. When she wears something I've made I take it as a great compliment. ( just not the part were she leaves it at someone elses house for a week) It was very fun to knit, seeing the differant colour combinations appear. I had to break off the yarn a few times to keep contrast in the pattern. I would like to find other yarn that has similar colour changes, to do more projects like this.

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Cristina said...

Hi Stichy! How did you do this scarf? Noro Kureyon is my favorite type of yarn and i'm always looking for new ways to use it! so did you do 2 lines of one kuryeon colorway and then 2 lines of a different colorway...alternating to make those cool stripes?