Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Birthday Present

Yes, this (the yarn) was a birthday present, from last February! (Thank you, Marcia) I started and finished my very first sweater right away. The yarn is Fleece Artist, two strands called kiss curls and baby kid. It was an excellent choice for a novice knitter, all garter stitches and no complicated bits. The finished sweater is light, spongy, very soft, and warms you up instantly. I was never completely pleased with these photos, and that's why I didn't post, eh hmm, last March. Well, I've decided to catch up now and use them anyway because God knows when there will ever be enough light to take a better picture. It's been raining, here in Vancouver BC for. . . . a long time. If it rains for a few more days we will break a record. I'm trying not to grumble about it, after all it is supposed to be a rainforest!

This is what it looked like when I went for coffee the other morning. Yes, I said morning!

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