Monday, October 16, 2006

Natural Beauty

I was feeling pretty sick over the weekend. On Sunday I was feeling a little better and to test my stamina I decided to go for a little walk to my local thrift shop, five minutes from my apartment. (open Sundays, open evenings, good cheap entertainment). I did bring home a couple little goodies but my best find was this wasp's nest which I didn't notice laying on the ground on the way there, but did on the way home.

I think the colours are amazing, and remind me of Leslie's beautiful (wip) socks.

The call of the Socks posted Sep 15th is at the bottom of the page.

Can anyone tell me... When I link to someone's site, can I link directly to one of their postings? I know this probably isn't the place to ask. My daughter isn't around to help out and if I tried help on blogger it would take me about 10 hours to figure this one out. Honestly, it's not intuitive to me and using the computer is an extreme challenge. It's a real love hate relationship!


caro said...

You can link directly to a posting by clicking the 'permalink' or the time posting, then use the url that appears in the address bar.

Cool wasp nest!

Becky said...

Thankyou Caro!
Sheesh, that wasn't so hard. It's just gotten that much less mysterious and frustrating.

trailbee said...

Try mine, Maybe I don't understand the question. Otherwise, go to:, which is annie's. She's got a zillion things on her blog, plus could help you much better than I.
I love the nest, especially since it is a non-viable home. Boy, oh boy, do those guys sting! I have in the past schwoosched them from under my eaves and if whole, given them to my local elementary school for oohing and ahhing.
It's sort of strange, when you look at it, because as it was downloading just now, I thought it was a bee's nest, and couldn't find the gobs of honey.
Wonderful colors, a true miracle of life. Yes?

trailbee said...

Sorry I left something out. You were ill? Are you all by yourself, with no one to help? Don't mean to be nosy. Had eye surgery last week and the good fortune to have a mate that drove me to another town, stayed with me in a hotel for four days because I couldn't leave that elevation, and then took me home. Even put the drops in for me. I do hope you have someone. I truly hope you get better very soon. It's a bore to be out of the loop!

birileri said...

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