Sunday, April 22, 2007

New Fabric for the Stash

Yippy! I have some wonderful new fabric to inspire me for some spring sewing. I've been hunting the past few weeks, got pieces here and there, then hit payload yesterday at a bazaar and a few shops. See!

The summery oranges and greens remind me of Popsicles and swimming on a hot day.

Too cute! Eventually I want do some paintings based on fabric prints.

I'm not sure if I will make bags, aprons, baby quilts, bigger quilts or summer skirts. It's been a fun day playing with colour combinations and getting ideas though.

I have quite a bit more to show, as well as another finished project, so stay tuned!


PJ said...

fun-fun! springs for sure! Look forward to what you come up with!

norththreads said...

Love all your fabulous finds!

Anonymous said...

Hey Beck, You should call some time! Mitch

PS I like all the colors, make me want to eat a bowl of fruit salad.