Friday, February 01, 2008

Finished Objects

Here is / was My So Called Scarf, done in Manos de Uruguay. It's a beautiful
colour way, but neither of these photos does it justice. I frogged the So Called for a simple 2x2 ribbing because I found it just too thick and stiff, even though I went up a needle size. I still think the pattern really suits the yarn and I was invisioning a square block of this as a section for a pillow. It's an easy knit, but a strange pattern, kind of like somebodys inebriated non knitting friend invented a new stitch. I did see a woman on the bus the other day wearing her So Called Scarf done in Noro's Silk Garden and it looked (and felt) amazing. Yes, of course I fondled her scarf!

As The Yarn Harlot says in Stephanie Pearl-McPhee Casts Off
"Running your hand down the sleeve of a fellow knitter's sweater when you meet him or her is a healthy expression of knitterly interest and is not at all odd. It's the knitters handshake."

Please read the Yarn Harlot, you'll feel good about your obsession with knitting. She's a hoot!
And now, if you're a reletively new knitter and you want something a tiny bit challenging in terms of fiber and something very impressive, try Kid Silk Haze. This is the simple Feather and Fan pattern, the easiest lace for a beginner. Use bamboo needles for grip and have a delicate touch when ripping back. This photo shows the haze quite a bit more blue than in reality. Another repeat or so and it's blocking time. Yeah!

Oh, and on a final note... I got invited to Ravelry! It's the best! Go get yourself invited!


Anonymous said...

Wow your knitting is very impressive, and I love the fact that you spin as well, very cool!!

ivy said...

The blue lace was very impressive! looked very intricate and soft.