Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pincushions for Pin Money

I've been working on these little pincushions the past few evenings, 
 most of these are made from my stash of vintage fabrics. 
I can't help but keep my eyes peeled for old fabric on my thrifting journeys and
 squeal inside when I spot a find.
 I have sentimental memories of my childhood summer days seeing some of these. 

I'm building my stash, hoping to get into a craft fair that's coming up, keeping my fingers crossed. If not, I plan on doing some spring and summer farmers markets. A little extra pin money?


Annie said...
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Annie said...

Hi Becky. These are so cute. Hope you get into the craft fair but if not, I'm sure these will sell fast at the farmers' market. Love the vintage fabrics. When you see old clothes, do you take them apart to re-use the fabric?

PJ said...

Adorable little pin pillows! So cute!

steph said...

the pom pom is a good idea. i will have to do that ! and the fabric on all of them is nice too.