Thursday, October 29, 2009

I wish you could feel this!

Hi! I'm back with some crochet goodness to share with you. 
This I'm proud of and I'll show you why

It started out like this, a pretty little bundle of wool and silk. 
This is  hand dyed, Fleece Artist.

It sounds corny, when you tell someone that the fibre tells you what it wants to be. Not that it told me it wanted to be a skinny crochet scarf, but, that it wanted to be spun to a certain diameter. 

It was exciting to spin, seeing the colour changes, hitting that little bit of blue.
I took my spindle to the coffee shop every morning for a week or so. I may have spun, waiting for a bus here and there. OK, I may have spun on the bus once or twice, when it wasn't crowded. When the bus is crowded, I knit. or crochet. never sew.

Oooh, look, one full cop! I slide that cop onto a fat straw, which just fit on the end of the spindle. The fat straw was a good excuse to stop at Duffin's Doughnuts, who by the way have a really good chorizo/egg breakfast sandwich. (for you Vancouverites)

You see, I needed my spindle empty to fill it a second time, so I could move onto step #2. Plying! (I put the straw filled cops, onto my lazy kate) I plied using the same spindle too. 
Yay me! Then on to the niddy noddy, and a little soak. 

Look! So beautiful!  I'm not tooting my horn.
The fibre is just so wonderful, and the colour, I love it! Well, OK, toot toot!

And here comes the next transformation!
 Isn't that just magical? Simple, ancient technology, mixed with new. 

You can get the free skinny crochet scarf pattern here, which I found via one of my LYS,  Three Bags Full

Thanks so much for having a peek!
Happy Halloween everyone!


Lululiz said...

Thats just stunning. To have spun the yarn and made that beautiful scarf with it must be immensely satisfying, and you can quite rightly be proud of yourself.

Annie said...

This is so pretty, Becky. I'll bet people were very interested in watching your spinning process as well. I know I sure would be.

Thanks for the lead to the pattern. I'm going to make this sweet little scarf.

Anonymous said...

Oh! Look how beautiful that is. Your spinning is gorgeous!

Is that a Hound Design spindle?

PJ said...

hmmm...I can just imagine how lovely it feels!

Angela said...

I just ran upon your blog and just bought my first drop spindle. Fun!

Sonya said...

The scarf is completely wonderful. I wish i could feel it too. I completely relate to the fiber speaking to you. Lots of times I wait for my creations to speak to me and tell me what they want to be, you can absolutely get a feel for what the finished projects should be. Your scarf must have been such a satisfying experience from start to finish. Very, very nice job!

Marthaamay O_o said...

I am in total agreement with you, the colours are so yummy! And that little bit of blue is exciting!