Monday, March 09, 2009


Yes, snow in Vancouver, in March! 
This is supposed to be the time of year when we brag to our siblings back East
 about how we're just wearing a t-shirt and no jacket!

Here's a quilt I made last night.
 Well, a quilt out of paper that is, punched from magazines and Mod-Podged onto a canvas. 
Some of the squares came out a little wrinkly, so I have to fine tune it. 

Monday, March 02, 2009

Through the Eyes of a Monkey

I wanted to have these guys up for a Valentine post. 
They were done, in fact I almost have four finished at this point, I'm just slow at taking photos and posting. 
Actually, I really think time has just been speeding up. Seriously, just ask anyone pushing 50 or over! 
 I was honestly shocked when February was over! 
Anyway, I think I find out in a day or two, whether or not I'm accepted into a craft show. 
I think It's all that I've needed to really get producing, a deadline. (or the possibility of one)
I'm planning on making eight monkeys in total and they're all going to have little outfits, which I'm half planning now. I'm going to be a little sad to see my best buttons gone. I've been keeping my eyes peeled for monkey eyes while thrifting, but haven't had much luck. Does anyone else have thrift shop dreams, about being allowed to enter the secret room in the back, were all the good stuff is? Like huge jars of really old buttons?