Monday, March 09, 2009


Yes, snow in Vancouver, in March! 
This is supposed to be the time of year when we brag to our siblings back East
 about how we're just wearing a t-shirt and no jacket!

Here's a quilt I made last night.
 Well, a quilt out of paper that is, punched from magazines and Mod-Podged onto a canvas. 
Some of the squares came out a little wrinkly, so I have to fine tune it. 


Tabiboo said...

Lovely colours looks very retro, I think the wrinkly look gives it more of a character.

Is it unusal to have snow in Vancouver in March?? (My husbands travels there at least once a year and our stash of Maple Syrup is an envy of friends). We still seem to be getting the odd snow storm here in the UK.

Nina x

Annie said...

Very pretty paper quilt. It looks like it would be so easy to do while say watching TV. Then by the time you go to bed, you are finished and have something to show for the evening.

Isabel said...

Where are the new posts!?