Monday, August 17, 2009

Crochet and Colour

I'm back from my blogging hiatus. It really just felt like yesterday. If anyone is still coming by, my apologies for being gone so long. 

I've been crazy for colour lately,
 but I just can't be too spendy these days.  
This is a bunch of thrifted yarn and I've also been buying acrylic for a ripple blanket, which I'll show to you soon.

Anyway, I've been making these hexagons for what, I'm not sure yet.

Oh, and see the blanket under the ever present cats? It's my first finished Granny Square project. It's mostly Cascade 220 and it started out as the ripple blanket you see below. 

I just couldn't get into it. The colours weren't what I wanted for a ripple.

So I unwound it all... ( I love my ball winder ) stacked it for a photo, 
and asked my cat if she wanted to be in another picture.

And here's some more blanky photos.
 Hey! Put your claws back in!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for making a comment, if you do. 

 Oh, one more thing... I've been very inspired by so many beautiful, colourful crochet out there, just too many blogs to mention, but you must check these two out for sure! Attic 24  and Do You Mind if I Knit
Just scroll down and see their crochet afghans. They both finished about the same time and are both started on little squares now.  So much excitement!


Anonymous said...

Ooooo! Such pretty cats and such lovely yarn colours! You picis make me want to rip out my entire stash and crochet it all up granny square style! :)

Anonymous said...

I love your colors! aren't the ball winders great?!
Cute kittys. ☺

vanessa said...

I'm soooo pleased you let me know your blog address! Your blog is FAB! Your crochet and colours I love, and I especially love the spirit of thrifting you've entered in to. And your cushion-like cats are hilarious and so cute! Just want to cuddle them. That was very kind of you to mention my blog, very nice of you indeed, thank you!
So glad i found your blog!
Love anessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

Anna-Karin said...

Love the throw!! And your cats:) My cat love to snuggle in to my latest granny blanket, I think it's because it's done with merino wool, she doesn't seem to like the one in acrylic. Cats are strange and cute :)
Anna-Karin xxx

Darling Petunia said...

I love the cats! I'll be back to look at more!