Monday, August 31, 2009

Hexagon Love

Hello folks!
 I hope every one's had a good, creative week. 
I'm happy to be back and show my progress on my newest blanket!

I've been good, weaving in my ends as I go.

It's been getting a little large to take with me on outings, so I've been adding the hexagons at home, where I get a better idea of colour placement. 
Really, it's been fairly random. 
Cool, warm, oops, too much green in one spot....

I'm loving this project, the colours, the speed. I've been very addicted!

I really want to figure out the edging. The sides are zig-zag, but see the ends?
My plan is to do a wide white border. 

Go ahead, get a little closer!

I may try and figure out a half hexagon, if that's possible.
If anyone has suggestions for the border, please let me know. 
I would really appreciate it. 

Thank you for coming to look!


PJ said...

an absolute beauty! Can I save the yarn clippings in a glass jar- what do you use them for? The colors are stunning and memorizing! I like that you attach as you not to be overwhelmed and give variety. I think your white border will be perfect :)

Martha said...

This is just gorgeous -- I love the colors you've selected. When I made my granny square afghan it has a jagged edge -- I think it looks nice that way.

Annie said...

Putting pieces together successfully continues to allude me. What stitch did you use to join the hexagon.

Attic24 said...

gorgeoius gorgeous gorgeous!!!!!!
I've been hankering after making a blankie like this, have you seen the vintage one that tamar has over the back of her chair (Nest Decorating)...hang on see if I can find a link...

Lovely.......Becky am LOVINg your blog!!