Sunday, September 13, 2009

Studio Space

Hello and welcome!

Have a peek at the beautiful little lamb I got yesterday. 
Green happens to be my favorite colour and the bonus was that it was under 2 dollars. 

I did a lot of work today, playing in my new studio, arranging, re-arranging, taking lots of photos etc.

Then it was tea time. 

I don't usually post pictures of my interior space, because most of my apartment is just too dark. This is the only room that gets decent light, and it's only recently that I decided it could be my very first, official studio space. Before that, it's always been in my dining room, or corner of a bedroom, or a closet. 

So now you get to have a look. Please come in . . .

My new, favorite spot to sit and ponder and plan. 
That's part of my lovely fabric stash, which keeps getting arranged and re-arranged, into different, exciting colour combinations.

I have a closet full of stuff behind the curtain on the right. Yarn, fibre to spin, tools etc.
I can use this table to set up my sewing machine or to dye fibre for spinning.

A chair for every purpose.

Thank you for visiting. 
I have a lot of close ups of some of my favorite treasures for you to see next!


Lululiz said...

What a wonderful workspace, light and airy, well organised, just perfect. I bet its a real pleasure now to work in there.

Martha said...

This is such an inviting space and I agree with Luluiz -- it's very light and airy. I love the curtains and the little rocking chair.

PJ said...

LOVE your room! Looks like a perfect place to be creative!...and those sock monkeys in the corner are adorable!

Annie said...

Your studio is like your creations - simple and uncluttered and workable. Very inviting.

Attic24 said...

What a gorgeous room you've created, I LOVE it!! So pretty, light and inspiring :o)

Been drooling over your fabric squares too, I think your 9-patch is going to look beautiful.

Lovely to visit with you