Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Vintage Aprons

I tried out the extra large picture option on blogger. The image was enlarged, but not all of it fit in, so was cut in half and the actual picture was the same size. Did that make sense?  I think I have to go to the help page.... 

Anyway, here are a few of my aprons. I don't have that many and I actually use them on occasion. It's so nice knowing you can wipe your hands right on your clothes when you're working. 

I believe this one is supposed to be embroidered.

I love aprons with pockets.

This last one is one of my favorites. Shoosh, if I found a big piece of this fabric!


Lululiz said...

Aprons are great, I have a few vintage ones as well, a couple of which I even made myself when I was a young girl, way back when, lol. Now, if I could only find my waist these days, I'd wear them again.

Annie said...

The vintage aprons always make me feel so nostalgic. I think I actually have one from my mom or perhaps HER mom that has come down to me. Pretty soon, when I start going through things after I retire, it will surface, and I'll be able to share some of my packed away treasures.

Mary said...

I like your aprons !