Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Smooth Sailing

This is the smoothie I've been having most mornings, lately. Starting off with soy milk, I add some frozen chopped up bananas... or fresh, depending.

Then I add most of this crap. Some 3-6-9 oil blend (essential fatty acids) , Greens Plus, wheat germ and maybe almond butter. If I want to mix it up I add some ground hemp seed (protein powder) It's not tasty, I'll use it up some how. The baggy is ground psyllium husk (fiber). It's recommended you add this to a drink in the evening. I tried it in a smoothie and it wasn't pleasant. It soaked up all the liquid and I had to use a spoon.

There she goes, my beloved Cuisinart hand held. It's powerful and a damn sight easier to clean up than a blender! I highly recomend it. I used to blend up soups all the time when my kids were little. (in the blender back then)

Ooh yum, doesn't that look good? Actually, I really it. This, straight from the measuring/mixing cup while playing a few games of Spider Solitaire does it for me.

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