Friday, October 05, 2007

Show and Tell Time

I picked this up today at Value Village.

Listen to these names... Sister Mary Providence, (well, she's a Sister after all) Mrs. Edward Cridge and Mrs. Thomas Blinkhorn. There are a few more good ones, Madame L'Hotelier, Mrs. R. B. McMicking, Lady Trutch.

I still have sock monkeys on the brain, and I'm thinking these would be very good names for them.

I like the little quote in the front of the book; The History of a Country is written from the lives of Men, but from the lives of the Women we learn best of a Nation's soul.

I also got this sweater and skirt. Just too bad neither of them fit me. I wanted the skirt for a quilt, but someone in this household seems to fit into it quite nicely. Damn. And the sweater... hmm, possibly a pillow.

Oh, one more thing... I'm sure you're as inspired by Amy, of Angry Chicken as I am. I love her that much more after listening to her interview on Craftcast. Reading blogs are wonderful, but to hear someone speak... well, it gives you that much more of a feel for the person. She was inspiring and uplifting. It was a fun insightful interview. Thanks Amy!

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