Monday, January 26, 2009

Little Books

Have a look at the results of my new hobby, not that I need one! 

It's been great fun picking beautiful papers and playing with colour combinations. Kind of like quilting.

I've been using old needlework magazines and adding the patterns if possible to go with the accompanying pictures.

I've also been adding some little extras, like a tab to hold yarn samples. 

I know I'm a very sporadic blogger but I've got to tell you that I got a new camera and laptop and the learning curve has been severely steep!
So what do you think of the little books? I'm hoping to get it together to go on Etsy one day, so I'm playing around with ideas. The real deal for me is to actually make the things that are floating around in my head!


Anonymous said...

Those are fabulous and oh so cunning! I love them, especially the ones with the 50's/60's needlework photos. Brilliant!

Leslie said...

These are very cute! I think you're on to something. I, too, like the old photos. There are so many possibilities!

LindaJ said...

The notebooks are great! I especially like the tabs for yarn samples. Using vintage magazines is a fabulous idea. Good luck with Etsy.

Annie said...

These are great little books. I hope you have much success selling them on Etsy when you get them up.