Wednesday, December 03, 2008

My Peaceful Nest

I've been seriously working on fixing up my teeny, tiny and all that.

I covered my little desk top in red polka dot oil cloth and since I had scraps left over, I taped a couple pieces up in my little bookshelf. Hmm, not sure yet. But look, at least the two top shelves are tidy, unlike the third one at the bottom there. There's a fourth one down too, that's worse.
Oh, I apologize for not giving credit to the first person to post their brilliant idea of making a bouquet out of their vintage knitting needles. If anyone knows who that was, please tell me so I can thank them and give them credit.
I'm sure I'm not the only one to snag that idea.

You can't see the photo very well, but it's of myself and my two older sisters, with all of our dolls. The middle sister remembers the names of every one of the dolls.

Look, I even had room to put a rocking chair in the room! I think I want to make a circular, braided chair cushion for it.

That's Edna by the way. Her full name is Edna Odelia Marie Cecilia and she used to be a burlesque dancer. She's old now, and is a little depressed about her pot belly.

What I really wanted you to notice though was the little wool vest beside her. It was a little shrunken so I felted it further. Hmm, maybe a purse or pillow?

And look, I'm still working my granny square afgan and loving it. I figure I'm about half way there. I could find no directions on how to weave in the ends, so I was fudging it until I decided to look on youtube. Jeepers, every thing is on there!

There's the new oil cloth, ta da!
I got the cup and saucer just a few days ago. I'm not really into that style of tea cup anymore but polka dots! and green!
And the apple, well, I was at a clients home and I commented on how much I loved ours when my children were little. They make such a sweet sound. Well, she wouldn't let me leave without it. Arn't people nice!


PJ said...

What FUN things to make your room look good! Don't you love making a space cozy just for you! Enjoy! Love sock monkey!

Leslie said...

So many cute things! I especially love Edna, and the graphics on that vest are so fun!

Cele said...

That photograph is too cute for words.

Clare said...

I love the polka dots! - and Edna. Cute pics -