Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Thrifty Luck

So many thrifty finds this week. 
Curtains, dotty vase, a paint by number, a bit of crochet and a pup... whew! 

I love the curtains, and they are in mint condition. Well, OK, they have a bit of old house smell, even though they've been washed and hung outside. I think it has to do with the rubbery backing. Any pointers? I don't want to wash them too much because of the backing.

Today I bought myself a lilly, but needed a container,
so off to the op shop and I found a sweet, faux wicker basket. 

I'm not sure what's made me happiest though, it might be this poodle. 
I love him, and I want to draw him.

Oh, this crochet baby blanket too! 
I think it's about the right size to turn into a big cushion cover.
 I seem to be attracted to garish colours lately. Yikes. 

Another a view of my little pup? Well, sure! 
The thrifting luck has been pretty good this week.
I hope yours has been the same.

Happy Spring everyone.

Thanks for popping by!


Bobo Bun said...

Glad you found me so I could find you. Another lovely feast of eye candy - great finds. No helpful suggestions for the curtains other than rip the stinky stuff off.

Lisa x

Anonymous said...

You have the best thrift stores! Such fun stuff.

Knitty, Vintage and Rosy said...

Hey Becky:

Great curtains! I got some similar about 2 years ago and made them into outdoor cushions. Completely waterproof!

Have a good one,


dottie angel said...

i can hardly breath, for i am in thrifted curtain lust mode, like i have never been before...
surely they must have been placed upon the shelves of despair by the very thrifty gods themselves :)

Barbara said...

Such amazing curtains ... so very pretty, enjoy looking at them!

urban craft said...

i am continually amazed by what you can get thrifting! And that blanket, someone worked hard on it and then someone just donated it. Score!

rosiehearts said...

I love that curtain fabric!!! Why didn't i keep all those curtains we had when i was growing up......it's so annoying!

mary said...

Isn't thrifting fun?! Oh, the things you can find....I especially like the little dog.
Have a great week!

the vintage wren said...

Love all of your great finds. : ) Carrie

K @ Aurora Blythe said...

Such adorable finds! You have a real eye!

Fritzi Marie said...

I am loving (coveting) your curtains. They are fabulous. You, my friend, had a lucky lucky day. Horray for treasure hunting.

Fritzi Marie