Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Trolls to the Carder

It seems like it's been rain, rain, rainy everyday. The water droplets on my Solomon's Seal looked like ice crystals. I love that name, Solomon's Seal. 
I've been inside playing with my alpaca. 

 I teased out the alpaca, sometimes using my combs, before loading the carder. It worked like a dream, once I got into the rhythm. Doesn't it look like a little gang of troll dolls? When my daughter was little, her dolls all had very tidy hair. You see, I've found my calling, combing out tangles!
The day I got into it, Turner Classics happened to be have a Western theme going on, which was very fitting. Pioneers and wagon trains. If someone were smart they would make Westerns from a women's point of view. Forget about the shootouts. We would see loads of carding and spinning and quilting bee's. Wouldn't that be fabulous? 

Look, there's the drum carder I rented from Baaad Anna's, my LYS. Very reasonable rates and very friendly staff. It was my first experience using a drum carder. I discovered that carding does not remove nearly as much debris as combing does, so if I want to be a perfectionist about the finished product, I may comb it as well. I have Forsyth combs and they are beautiful! More on them at a later date. I had to fit my wheel in the picture of course. It's a folding Lendrum.
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