Monday, September 26, 2005

Forays into Felting

Since I’ve been knitting for about eight months now, I have a few projects that I’ll post all at once. Of course I jumped on the felting bandwagon when I saw so many people doing the beautiful bags and such, especially Leslie at Whimsy , who became one of the first of my favorite knitting bloggers. I’m not completely thrilled with my version of the French market bag, the way it shrank in height opposed to width, and I gave up in frustration on the few kitchener stitches needed to join the handles. I persevered in this respect when it came to my socks though and am I proud of myself! I figure this if nothing else has got to be good exercise for the brain.

Now the Sophie bag I love, but It’s saggy if you carry anything more than your wallet and an issue of Home Companion, so I plan to line it with fabric as well. I have a few more felting projects in mind, all neatly lined up on the back burners.

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