Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Thrifty aprons

Last year at this time, I had big plans to make a lot of aprons. I finished one and got halfway through another, and then some how those plans fell by the wayside. Just after Christmas of 2004 I discovered knitting blogs and of course, that led me to all of these incredible crafting blogs, and people who also love aprons! Yes, I’m a greenhorn. Needless to say the excitement I had for my aprons has been renewed. I completed the apron from last year and made two additional ones in these past few weeks. Here are the fruits of my labour modeled by my beautiful and talented daughter.
And what do you do when you get your hooks into a new hobby? Why, go shopping of course! I’ve been somewhat obsessively scouring the city for fabric in this last little while. I have successfully added to my stash, with new as well as thrifted fabric and now have enough to get excited about trying different combinations of colours and patterns. I still love to use thrifted and recycled fabric, but more about thrifting another day.


sister#1 said...

Dear Stitchy
I just viewed your Aprons and I love the gorgous fall colours.The patterns are nice and flowing.Very stylish with a touch of elegance. Wonderful entry! Barb Renaud

wilsonian said...

Mercy, these are cute!!

I arrived via Bella Dia. Glad I came. Haven't worked up the nerve to put my crafty stuff online yet... thanks for some inspiration :)