Sunday, May 07, 2006

Cherry Blossoms and Embroidery

Such an inconsistent blogger! Here it is one week into May already. Vancouver finally has some beautiful warm, sunny weather. It was a long time coming.

The cherry blossoms in my neighborhood are beginning to loose petals in the gusty wind, and some days it looks like we're having a pink snowfall. The path under the canopy of trees in our little park is now a blanket of slippery pink blooms.

I've wanted to try my hand at a little embroidery and a while back I made this small piece. I discovered that it's just too fine and finicky for my taste. I'll use this somewhere, probably on an apron pocket. I need to erase the pencil marks though. I traced right through the fabric from a drawing I copied. Not the proper procedure, I know, but the transfer paper didn't work well. It just rubbed off in no time at all.

I know there's been some interest in crewel lately and I've also seen some beautiful crewel in a few stores as well. I don't know how many times I've said "I could do that!" especially when I'm not willing to pay for something I really can't afford. So, I traced the pattern from this little vase,

took the drawing to the photocopiers and enlarged it, then using parchment paper and a transfer pencil, the fabric and a hot iron, I got to this stage. Now I had a decent image that didn't smudge!

This is the stage I'm at now. I started off with an embroidery hoop but found I preferred not using one. The fabric is completely puckered. I imagine I pulled the stitches too tight. I don't even really mind the way it looks, but I am considering filling in the background to remedy the situation. Give me your opinion. I'm not sure how much I enjoy this craft, but I'm sure that now I've had a little practice I'll be more likely to use some sort of embroidered embellishment in the future.

I found this little bird I a long time ago in a thrift shop. The full image is at the beginning of this post. I know it's not fine work but I think it has charm and I wanted to post it because it's so similar to what I've been working on.

Cheers everyone and happy spring.


francie said...

the reason that it puckered was from not using the embroidery hoop, not from pulling the stitches too tight. :) if you loosen your stitches while still not using a hoop they will be floppy. try to find a hoop that's as non-obtrusive as possible.

your work is gorgeous. just beautiful. it's hard to believe you're a beginner. :) a filled background would be lovely.

a book i highly recommend is erica wilson's crewel embroidery. it's an older book with lots of wonderful information. i believe you can find it rather inexpensively.

francie said...


crewel embroidery by erica wilson hardcover 1962 edition :D

keepitkiller said...

copying the pattern from the vase was such a good idea. your work looks really wonderful. I have always loved crewel and just got an old kit from a used store--i look forward to doing some crewel dabbling as well.

capello said...

simply beautiful.

i love the cherry blossoms.

Paula460 said...

just 1 word: WOW!
I'm completely in love with your work.

Jeremy said...

Wel it all loks very clever to me.
The blossom is beautiful too

Paula460 said...

Becky, nice of you stoppin' by my blog! thanks! and about spanish... never mind! pictures are enough right?

Lucia said...

Hi. I also think the vase pattern looks good on fabric. Maybe I will choose the same blue color and stitch them on a piece of white fabric, then I will make a fabric vase :D

I think the current one is nice alreayd, but since you asked for what we think...I think maybe you can bead the white rest, so it will looks even better. :D

I love your stitching work. I hope mine can be as good as yours, but I am just a beginner. :D

weirdbunny said...

I love the embrodiery!