Monday, May 15, 2006

Mothers Day Weekend

I was at the beach (Spanish Banks) on Saturday. See downtown Vancouver in the distance? See the sock I am about to perform the kitchener stitch on? They say when you're about to attempt this, you should lock yourself in a room, unplug your phone and tell anyone in the home to not dare interrupt you until you come out. I made myself simplified written instructions ... Front knit off , front purl on, back purl off, back knit on etc. Knitting can be very frustrating, but when you do finally get IT you feel like such a genius!

I love this beach. It's big and open and windy. When the tide is out the kids play on their
skim boards, and the big kids play on their kite boards. See that big green kite? It's ours and yes, I fly it too. If you dig your heels in and lean way back, you can have it pull you a good ten feet! It's a trainer kite, a smaller version of the kites you use for kite boarding, and no, I won't be doing that!

After our beautiful beachy day we stopped at our local garden shop and bought a bag of lady bugs! Yes, 500 wonderful lady bugs to eat the aphids that have invaded the plants on our balcony. We have a yellow rose bush, named Lilly who is very happy now. Oh, I got the idea from Capello at No Appropriate behavior. Go check out her lady bug picture, May 8th post.

On Sunday when I came home from the coffee shop I was presented with this beautiful bouquet of orchids, and an excellent breakfast of crepes with berries and whipped cream. So to you Mothers out there with young children that made you those questionable pancakes on Sunday, just hang in there! I was also treated to a movie and then we hung out at English bay beach for the afternoon.

Now, if you look beyond the beginnings of the new blue and brown sock, across the bay, and to the left . . that was were I was the day before. In this picture I'm at a beach downtown. (Which you can see in the very first picture.) I think I made all of that sound confusing.

For my parting shot you get to see the green socks finally finished. I don't like these socks, I never have and don't think I ever will. I made a lot of mistakes during them too, probably because my heart wasn't in it. Well, I perservered and I'm glad I saw them through to the end, but more importantly, my needles are free for the new socks, which I love so far. Happy belated Mothers Day to those of you who fit the bill.


capello said...

It looks like you had a lovely day at the beach, so peaceful.

AnnieElf said...

It looks like it was bright, windy and cold. And darn, I just am going to have to given in and learn to make socks. How pretty and my favorite greens. LOL

trailbee said...

Today is Saturday, July 22nd, and I wish to thank you for this inspiring post. Since looking at your photos in May, I got myself into gear and began to work again on my socks. I have so enjoyed becoming a productive knitter again. Even the heat and sticky fingers don't seem to slow me down too much. Thanks, again. biene PS annieelf told me about you when we were chatting at school. You see? Word of mouth really works.