Sunday, May 28, 2006

Love those yo yo's

I'm planning on making these into a tea cozy, maybe leave the green out. I had a disappointing hunt for red and yellow fabric the other day. (at my local thrift shop) Out of all of the clothing, bedding, fabric... No cheerful red or yellow cotton. And you know, it's not even thrifty shopping for fabric this way anymore, when they're charging $5, $6, $7 dollars for a shirt or skirt. Time to hunt down the rummage and garage sales I suppose. Anyway, making these yo yo's are a fun way to try out colour/fabric combinations and if my tea cozy doesn't work I guess these will become a pillow.


--erica said...

ooh I adore Yo-yo's.
Great job.

(ps. a photo collage can be made using picasa--just google:)

AnnieElf said...

Becky, I just downloaded instructions for making yo-yo's! Question: do you clip the edge of the circles before you iron them flat and stitch?

capello said...

So pretty! I like the green in -- it off sets the heaviness of the dark red yo-yo's.

I've wanted to make a yo-yo throw for ages, but I'm not at a place in my life where I can make a blanket to just be pretty and not functional too.