Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lovely Objects

As promised, some close ups of some of my objects that I find lovely.
I hope you do too.

A new (to me) blue saucer. The yellow I've had for ages. It's funny, one day it popped into my head that I had fabric that was similar, then rummaged around until I found the two of them.
What a pleasant surprise. Maybe that could become a new flickr group.

A little green, glass jar holding some hand spun (done on a drop spindle).

I have no idea what kind of brooch and earrings these are, but I love the colours. 
They look like enamel maybe?  Do you know? The picture frame is new, from Home Sense.

My newest apron, on the right. One day I plan to press and photograph all of them. 
I don't have all that many. Maybe I'll go count them now.

Thanks for popping by, and if you know about the jewelry, please fill me in. 

Monday, September 14, 2009

Nine Patch

Today I got a package in the mail. Nine hundred - 3 inch squares of fabric! One hundred and fifty different patterns! I laid out all the little stacks, and got all giddy.

Then I pulled out my quilting books. I knew I wanted to do something very simple, since I know I don't have the patience to do any thing complicated. Also, I was limited by the fact that there were six squares of each pattern.

So I decided to do a nine patch which will be interspersed with a plain white blocks, or maybe sashing. I guess that's something I have to play around with. It's really hard for me to plan something out in total. I like to have some sort or spontaneity. Then I just cross my fingers!

Oh my gosh, it was so much fun picking the pairs that went together, and with so many choices!

I'm very pleased that they're well cut, nice and square. I have to say, cutting is my least favorite activity when it comes to sewing or quilting. Choosing colour combinations is my favorite.

I've done about nine blocks so far. Only, oh... about one hundred and ten to go!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Studio Space

Hello and welcome!

Have a peek at the beautiful little lamb I got yesterday. 
Green happens to be my favorite colour and the bonus was that it was under 2 dollars. 

I did a lot of work today, playing in my new studio, arranging, re-arranging, taking lots of photos etc.

Then it was tea time. 

I don't usually post pictures of my interior space, because most of my apartment is just too dark. This is the only room that gets decent light, and it's only recently that I decided it could be my very first, official studio space. Before that, it's always been in my dining room, or corner of a bedroom, or a closet. 

So now you get to have a look. Please come in . . .

My new, favorite spot to sit and ponder and plan. 
That's part of my lovely fabric stash, which keeps getting arranged and re-arranged, into different, exciting colour combinations.

I have a closet full of stuff behind the curtain on the right. Yarn, fibre to spin, tools etc.
I can use this table to set up my sewing machine or to dye fibre for spinning.

A chair for every purpose.

Thank you for visiting. 
I have a lot of close ups of some of my favorite treasures for you to see next!