Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Summer Flies


                                Some inspiration. Thank you Mother Nature.

                                           My hand spun, hand dyed.

The wool was over processed before I even spun it. I dyed the hell out of it, partially felting it in the process. I had to pull the strands apart, combing them with my fingers. It was another learning curve.

You can see in the above photo, how fuzzy it looks. Luckily it knit up alright.

 I think it's a worsted weight. 
I'll do some measuring and post all the specs on Ravelry at some point.

                               Ta Da! The hand knit, being blocked into submission.

 The pattern is Summer Flies, easily found on Ravelry. 
Wonderful pattern, easy beginner lace, kept my interest and it was fast!

               I like these ones. This colour seems pretty close.

           The finished shawl didn't really grab me in it's crinkled state, off the needles and so it sat around for almost one week.  If you've never blocked lace before, trust me, it does wonders. Thank goodness I had a good stash of push pins and they went into my deck easily. Please don't rain!

 I will post more pics in it's dry state. We'll see how it drapes then.

Thank you so much for visiting!


Annie said...

I imagine it very satisfying kntting something pleasing from wool you have spun yourself.

Very pretty, Becca.

Cora Price said...

Very purdy Becky. Your hard work has paid off. Looking forward to a photo of you wearing it.