Saturday, March 11, 2006


This is Edna. She has three sisters called Odelia, Marie and Cecilia, and all of them can wiggle their ears. Edna's lived with us a long time. She has a sketchy past, and spent a brief stint in a thrift store. I made this scarf for her the other morning, but she doesn't really like it. She doesn't think the colours are bold enough for her, even though I tried to convince her it would be a lovely Easter scarf. She was kind enough to sit for this photo, somewhat begrudgingly though. She's heard about the latest Tie on one theme and has convinced me to make her an apron, but wants to be able to pick out the fabric herself. She's really excited about this and says she wants to become a big part of my blog. I don't know what that means! She can't knit, she's never used a sewing machine in her life! As far as I know she just sits there looking pretty.


capello said...

Edna is a fabulous name (the name of my first car, in fact).

And it seems to me that all Ednas what things their way, to participate the way they want to. Why is that?

Please tell Edna that I think her scarf brings out her softer side. It's very suiting for spring.

vicci said...

I love her!!!! and her scarf!!! My cars name is "Betty White"....