Saturday, March 18, 2006

Gifts from Amanda

As I'm ripping open this colourful paper with anticipation, I'm thinking about how the seemingly cold hard computer has brought me together with someone in a very tangible way. There is nothing that can replace a package in the mail! Amanda sent me a whole wack of fun things:

Paper, candles, potpourri ball, a necklace, a beaded purse, stickers, chocolates... A very vintage recipe book, full of 70's images, called The New Joys of Jell-O. ( I love it, and I will use it!) But most importantly of all, she sent me a bag that she made by her own hand. I'm trying to conjure up images in my head of her at the sewing machine, or sitting on the couch with her little ones near and sewing on the buttons. (thus my close up) Thank you Amanda! And thank you Elizabeth for setting up the Vintage vixen Swap.

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Amanda said...

YAY! I was starting to worry about whether it had arrived. I am so glad that you enjoy it all! The bag is made from vintage pillowcases, and the necklace is vintage and has been restrung. I may have already told you that. I can't remember! And your vision can be of me enjoying my hard won peace and quiet of naptime - which is the only time I really get to craft these days. Don't you just love swaps? I am addicted.