Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Baubles and Beads

So who says you're not supposed to wear a toque with a party dress? With fancy beads no less! I'm afraid the monkeys have minds of their own. 
I suppose that's why I like them... human rules don't apply!

 I've been bead shopping for the monkeys.

Ooh, look I'm getting Christmassy too. Run little gingerbread man!

What I wanted to show you was my growing bauble collection. Since I've been putting beads on the monkeys, I've been keeping my eyes out, while being thrifty.  See, being a thrift shopper from waaaay back, I find it hard now-a-days finding treasures the way I used to. But! It seems I've been overlooking old bead necklaces. So anyway, I've been getting some cheap thrills the last few weeks whenever I find a nice weighty, string of old, vintage beads.

See what I mean about following human rules? 
What monkey has to keep her legs together while wearing a dress!

Oh, by the way I've bought the only Christmas decorations that I'm going to this year. 
Up there in the header. I really had to have those! 


Sean said...

Love the toque on your monkey.

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

I see why you had to have those ornaments....Really nice. (And so's the bedecked monkey).