Saturday, December 26, 2009

Celebrating a Chickadee

I hope everyone had  wonderful holiday celebrations. 

I have to show you my best, fun present. My daughter gave me a needle felting kit! I think she read my mind. Anyway, I had to get started on it right away, of course. I've never done it before, and the directions in the kit were a little vague, (not that it's complicated) so I took a trip over to Youtube, which was very helpful, as everyone knows.  I also looked at a few photos online, because I wouldn't have known a chickadee if it came and landed on the edge of my coffee cup.

It's a very interesting craft and you can get a fair amount of detail with shaping and shading.  The photos here make my bird look rough and fuzzier than it is in person. 

I have lots of fibre left for additional projects, besides that, I can always dive into my spinning fibre. Now I just need a new idea for the next project!


Anonymous said...

Cutest thing ever!

Annie said...

That is just SO CUTE!! Love it.

Lululiz said...

Wow, that turned out really well!

CRAZY DAZY said...

hi, this is the first time ive visited your blog - some lovely photos

mia said...

love birds, real ones and made ones. Yours is beautiful!