Wednesday, March 12, 2008


This is Fleece Artist hand dyed Blue Face Leicester, called Peacock. Yesterday a client cancelled, so instead of rustling something else up I spun. Well, wouldn't you have?

So anyway, the above became this.

I discovered a few things spinning this batch. I only had one sliver (the guy you see curled up in the first picture) so I broke it in two and spun two bobbins. When I plied them, my blues came out together and the darks came out together, not what I was wanting. I could have planned that a little better. Also I had quiet a bit left on one of the bobbins. If I had weighed both half slivers before I began, I would know if it was my spinning that differed so much.

I can't tell you how exciting it is to play with colour in this way. It really is magical. Today I got a vegetable steamer at Value Village, to make my own painted rovings!!!


Liz said...

Your yarn is lovely. I haven't spun in years and reading your blog has brought back fond memories for me...

AnnieElf said...

Gorgeous colors. It's always so interesting to drop in and see what you are spinning.